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Comments begin with // and end with the end of the line.

Comments are removed by the lexical scanner, and will not be recognized in places where it is busy gathering expressions to wrap in $[] , or inside application call argument lists. The safest place to put comments is after terminating semicolons, or on otherwise empty lines.

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  1. Does AEL support multiline comments like ;-- --; in .conf?

    1. Alexander, 

      Yes, AEL supports multi-line comments. here's the syntax:

      /* The characters at the beginning of this line "open" a multi-line comment

      lines in the file after the /* opening are treated as comments

      The characters at the beginning of the next line "close" the multi-line comment. 


      You can use the multi-line characters to open or close a commented section at any place in a line, as far as I recall. 

      I hope this helps. 

      Sherwood McGowan