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Right at this moment, the following commands are available, but do nothing:

  • Enable AEL contexts debug
  • Enable AEL macros debug
  • Enable AEL read debug
  • Enable AEL tokens debug
  • Disable AEL debug messages

If things are going wrong in your dialplan, you can use the following facilities to debug your file:

  1. The messages log in /var/log/asterisk. (from the checks done at load time).
  2. The "show dialplan" command in asterisk
  3. The standalone executable, "aelparse" built in the utils/ dir in the source.
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  1. In order to avoid confusion, maybe the CLI lines could have the '>' symbol, so no one tries to execute 'CLI ael no debug' or something like that.

    Note: Feel free to delete this comment if suggestion is accepted.

    1. Fixed. Ideally we should create a macro for all CLI commands.