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This is an example of how to do a goto in AEL.

You can use the special label of "1" in the goto and jump statements. It means the "first" statement in the extension. I would not advise trying to use numeric labels other than "1" in goto's or jumps, nor would I advise declaring a "1" label anywhere! As a matter of fact, it would be bad form to declare a numeric label, and it might conflict with the priority numbers used internally by asterisk.

The syntax of the jump statement is: jump extension[,priority][@context] If priority is absent, it defaults to "1". If context is not present, it is assumed to be the same as that which contains the "jump".


Goto labels follow the same requirements as the Goto() application, except the last value has to be a label. If the label does not exist, you will have run-time errors. If the label exists, but in a different extension, you have to specify both the extension name and label in the goto, as in: goto s,z; if the label is in a different context, you specify context,extension,label. There is a note about using goto's in a switch statement below...


AEL introduces the special label "1", which is the beginning context number for most extensions.

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