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  • Login - Log a user into the manager interface.
  • Originate - Originate a call from a channel to an extension.
  • Originate - Originate a call from a channel to an extension without waiting for call to complete.
  • Redirect with ExtraChannel:
    Attempted goal: Have a 'robot' program Redirect both ends of an already-connected call to a meetme room using the ExtraChannel feature through the management interface.

*Where 680 is an extension that sends you to a MeetMe room.

There are a number of GUI tools that use the manager interface, please search the mailing list archives and the documentation page on the web site for more information.

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  1. The example from above is missing "Priority". Example syntax is:

    Action: Originate

    Channel: sip/12345
    Exten: 1234
    Context: default
    Priority: 1


  2. I made a powershell script to demonstrate how to use the AMI to get the active calls in Asterisk.

    AMI powershell