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Read a variable.


Reads a #-terminated string of digits a certain number of times from the user in to the given variable.

This application sets the following channel variable upon completion:

  • READSTATUS - This is the status of the read operation.
    • OK
    • ERROR
    • HANGUP


  • variable - The input digits will be stored in the given variable name.
  • filenames
    • filename - file(s) to play before reading digits or tone with option i
    • filename2
  • maxdigits - Maximum acceptable number of digits. Stops reading after maxdigits have been entered (without requiring the user to press the # key).
    Defaults to 0 - no limit - wait for the user press the # key. Any value below 0 means the same. Max accepted value is 255.
  • options
    • s - to return immediately if the line is not up.
    • i - to play filename as an indication tone from your indications.conf.
    • n - to read digits even if the line is not up.
  • attempts - If greater than 1, that many attempts will be made in the event no data is entered.
  • timeout - The number of seconds to wait for a digit response. If greater than 0, that value will override the default timeout. Can be floating point.

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