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Find-Me/Follow-Me application.


This application performs Find-Me/Follow-Me functionality for the caller as defined in the profile matching the followmeid parameter in followme.conf. If the specified followmeid profile doesn't exist in followme.conf, execution will be returned to the dialplan and call execution will continue at the next priority.

Returns -1 on hangup.


  • followmeid
  • options
    • a - Record the caller's name so it can be announced to the callee on each step.
    • B( context^exten^priority ) - Before initiating the outgoing call(s), Gosub to the specified location using the current channel.
      • context
      • exten
      • priority( params )
        • arg1[^arg1...]
        • argN
    • b( context^exten^priority ) - Before initiating an outgoing call, Gosub to the specified location using the newly created channel. The Gosub will be executed for each destination channel.
      • context
      • exten
      • priority( params )
        • arg1[^arg1...]
        • argN
    • d - Disable the 'Please hold while we try to connect your call' announcement.
    • I - Asterisk will ignore any connected line update requests it may receive on this dial attempt.
    • l - Disable local call optimization so that applications with audio hooks between the local bridge don't get dropped when the calls get joined directly.
    • N - Don't answer the incoming call until we're ready to connect the caller or give up.
    • n - Playback the unreachable status message if we've run out of steps or the callee has elected not to be reachable.
    • s - Playback the incoming status message prior to starting the follow-me step(s)

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