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Send a text message.


Send a text message. The body of the message that will be sent is what is currently set to MESSAGE(body). The technology chosen for sending the message is determined based on a prefix to the to parameter.

This application sets the following channel variables:

  • MESSAGE_SEND_STATUS - This is the message delivery status returned by this application.
    • INVALID_PROTOCOL - No handler for the technology part of the URI was found.
    • INVALID_URI - The protocol handler reported that the URI was not valid.
    • SUCCESS - Successfully passed on to the protocol handler, but delivery has not necessarily been guaranteed.
    • FAILURE - The protocol handler reported that it was unabled to deliver the message for some reason.


  • to - A To URI for the message.
  • Technology: SIP
    Specifying a prefix of sip: will send the message as a SIP MESSAGE request.
  • Technology: XMPP
    Specifying a prefix of xmpp: will send the message as an XMPP chat message.
  • from - A From URI for the message if needed for the message technology being used to send this message.
  • Technology: SIP
    The from parameter can be a configured peer name or in the form of "display-name" <URI>.
  • Technology: XMPP
    Specifying a prefix of xmpp: will specify the account defined in xmpp.conf to send the message from. Note that this field is required for XMPP messages.

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  1. Simple way to turn on messaging support in Asterisk.

    Add to sip.conf:


    Add to dialplan:

    exten => _XXX,1,MessageSend(sip:${EXTEN},"${CALLERID(name)}"${MESSAGE(from)})

  2. what about message support in asterisk 1.8    ?