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Makes a queue member temporarily unavailable.


Pause or unpause a member in a queue.


Action: QueuePause
ActionID: <value>
Interface: <value>
Paused: <value>
Queue: <value>
Reason: <value>
  • ActionID - ActionID for this transaction. Will be returned.
  • Interface - The name of the interface (tech/name) to pause or unpause.
  • Paused - Pause or unpause the interface. Set to 'true' to pause the member or 'false' to unpause.
  • Queue - The name of the queue in which to pause or unpause this member. If not specified, the member will be paused or unpaused in all the queues it is a member of.
  • Reason - Text description, returned in the event QueueMemberPaused.

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