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Raised when a blind transfer is complete.



Event: BlindTransfer
Result: <value>
TransfererChannel: <value>
TransfererChannelState: <value>
TransfererChannelStateDesc: <value>
TransfererCallerIDNum: <value>
TransfererCallerIDName: <value>
TransfererConnectedLineNum: <value>
TransfererConnectedLineName: <value>
TransfererAccountCode: <value>
TransfererContext: <value>
TransfererExten: <value>
TransfererPriority: <value>
TransfererUniqueid: <value>
TransfereeChannel: <value>
TransfereeChannelState: <value>
TransfereeChannelStateDesc: <value>
TransfereeCallerIDNum: <value>
TransfereeCallerIDName: <value>
TransfereeConnectedLineNum: <value>
TransfereeConnectedLineName: <value>
TransfereeAccountCode: <value>
TransfereeContext: <value>
TransfereeExten: <value>
TransfereePriority: <value>
TransfereeUniqueid: <value>
BridgeUniqueid: <value>
BridgeType: <value>
BridgeTechnology: <value>
BridgeCreator: <value>
BridgeName: <value>
BridgeNumChannels: <value>
IsExternal: <value>
Context: <value>
Extension: <value>
  • Result - Indicates if the transfer was successful or if it failed.
    • Fail - An internal error occurred.
    • Invalid - Invalid configuration for transfer (e.g. Not bridged)
    • Not Permitted - Bridge does not permit transfers
    • Success - Transfer completed successfully



      A result of Success does not necessarily mean that a target was succesfully contacted. It means that a party was succesfully placed into the dialplan at the expected location.

  • TransfererChannel
  • TransfererChannelState - A numeric code for the channel's current state, related to TransfererChannelStateDesc
  • TransfererChannelStateDesc
    • Down
    • Rsrvd
    • OffHook
    • Dialing
    • Ring
    • Ringing
    • Up
    • Busy
    • Dialing Offhook
    • Pre-ring
    • Unknown
  • TransfererCallerIDNum
  • TransfererCallerIDName
  • TransfererConnectedLineNum
  • TransfererConnectedLineName
  • TransfererAccountCode
  • TransfererContext
  • TransfererExten
  • TransfererPriority
  • TransfererUniqueid
  • TransfereeChannel
  • TransfereeChannelState - A numeric code for the channel's current state, related to TransfereeChannelStateDesc
  • TransfereeChannelStateDesc
    • Down
    • Rsrvd
    • OffHook
    • Dialing
    • Ring
    • Ringing
    • Up
    • Busy
    • Dialing Offhook
    • Pre-ring
    • Unknown
  • TransfereeCallerIDNum
  • TransfereeCallerIDName
  • TransfereeConnectedLineNum
  • TransfereeConnectedLineName
  • TransfereeAccountCode
  • TransfereeContext
  • TransfereeExten
  • TransfereePriority
  • TransfereeUniqueid
  • BridgeUniqueid
  • BridgeType - The type of bridge
  • BridgeTechnology - Technology in use by the bridge
  • BridgeCreator - Entity that created the bridge if applicable
  • BridgeName - Name used to refer to the bridge by its BridgeCreator if applicable
  • BridgeNumChannels - Number of channels in the bridge
  • IsExternal - Indicates if the transfer was performed outside of Asterisk. For instance, a channel protocol native transfer is external. A DTMF transfer is internal.
    • Yes
    • No
  • Context - Destination context for the blind transfer.
  • Extension - Destination extension for the blind transfer.



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