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Leave a Voicemail message.


This application allows the calling party to leave a message for the specified list of mailboxes. When multiple mailboxes are specified, the greeting will be taken from the first mailbox specified. Dialplan execution will stop if the specified mailbox does not exist.

The Voicemail application will exit if any of the following DTMF digits are received:

  • 0 - Jump to the o extension in the current dialplan context.
  • * - Jump to the a extension in the current dialplan context.
    This application will set the following channel variable upon completion:
  • VMSTATUS - This indicates the status of the execution of the VoiceMail application.
    • FAILED


  • mailboxs
    • mailbox1
      • mailbox
      • context
    • mailbox2[,mailbox2...]
      • mailbox
      • context
  • options
    • b - Play the busy greeting to the calling party.
    • d( c ) - Accept digits for a new extension in context c, if played during the greeting. Context defaults to the current context.
      • c
    • g( # ) - Use the specified amount of gain when recording the voicemail message. The units are whole-number decibels (dB). Only works on supported technologies, which is DAHDI only.
      • #
    • s - Skip the playback of instructions for leaving a message to the calling party.
    • u - Play the unavailable greeting.
    • U - Mark message as URGENT.
    • P - Mark message as PRIORITY.

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