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Send a NOTIFY to either an endpoint, an arbitrary URI, or inside a SIP dialog.


Sends a NOTIFY to an endpoint, an arbitrary URI, or inside a SIP dialog.

All parameters for this event must be specified in the body of this requestvia multiple Variable: name=value sequences.



One (and only one) of Endpoint, URI, or Channel must be specified. If URI is used, the default outbound endpoint will be used to send the message. If the default outbound endpoint isn't configured, this command can not send to an arbitrary URI.


Action: PJSIPNotify
ActionID: <value>
[Endpoint:] <value>
[URI:] <value>
[channel:] <value>
Variable: <value>
  • ActionID - ActionID for this transaction. Will be returned.
  • Endpoint - The endpoint to which to send the NOTIFY.
  • URI - Abritrary URI to which to send the NOTIFY.
  • channel - Channel name to send the NOTIFY. Must be a PJSIP channel.
  • Variable - Appends variables as headers/content to the NOTIFY. If the variable is named Content, then the value will compose the body of the message if another variable sets Content-Type. name=value

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