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W/O: Initiate a session refresh via an UPDATE or re-INVITE on an established media session


This function will cause the PJSIP stack to immediately refresh the media session for the channel. This will be done using either a re-INVITE (default) or an UPDATE request.

This is most useful when combined with the PJSIP_MEDIA_OFFER dialplan function, as it allows the formats in use on a channel to be re-negotiated after call setup.



The formats the endpoint supports are not checked or enforced by this function. Using this function to offer formats not supported by the endpoint may result in a loss of media.

Example: Re-negotiate format to g722


  • update_type - The type of update to send. Default is invite.
    • invite - Send the session refresh as a re-INVITE.
    • update - Send the session refresh as an UPDATE.

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