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Module management.


Loads, unloads or reloads an Asterisk module in a running system.


Action: ModuleLoad
ActionID: <value>
Module: <value>
LoadType: <value>
  • ActionID - ActionID for this transaction. Will be returned.
  • Module - Asterisk module name (including .so extension) or subsystem identifier:
    • cdr
    • dnsmgr
    • extconfig
    • enum
    • acl
    • manager
    • http
    • logger
    • features
    • dsp
    • udptl
    • indications
    • cel
    • plc
  • LoadType - The operation to be done on module. Subsystem identifiers may only be reloaded.
    • load
    • unload
    • reload
      If no module is specified for a reload loadtype, all modules are reloaded.

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