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Get or Set a field in a geolocation profile


When used to set a field on a profile, if the profile doesn't already exist, a new one will be created automatically.

The ${GEOLOCPROFILESTATUS} channel variable will be set with a return code indicating the result of the operation. Possible values are:

  • 0 - Success
  • -1 - No or not enough parameters were supplied
  • -2 - There was an internal error finding or creating a profile
  • -3 - There was an issue specific to the field specified (value not valid or field name not found)


  • field - The profile field to operate on. The following fields from the Location and Profile objects are supported.
    • id
    • location_reference
    • method
    • allow_routing_use
    • profile_precedence
    • format
    • pidf_element
    • location_source
    • notes
    • location_info
    • location_info_refinement
    • location_variables
    • effective_location
    • usage_rules
    • confidence
      Additionally, the inheritable field may be set to true or false to control whether the profile will be passed to the outgoing channel.

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