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Generates a 1004 Hz test tone at 0dbm (mu-law).


Generates a 1004 Hz test tone.

By default, this application does not provide a Milliwatt test tone. It simply plays a 1004 Hz tone, which is not suitable for performing a milliwatt test. The m option should be used so that a real Milliwatt test tone is provided. This will include a 1 second silent interval every 10 seconds.

Previous versions of this application generated a constant tone at 1000 Hz. If for some reason you would prefer that behavior, supply the o option to get the old behavior.


  • options
    • m - Generate a 1004 Hz Milliwatt test tone at 0dbm, with a 1 second silent interval. This option must be specified if you are using this for a milliwatt test line.
    • o - Generate a constant tone at 1000 Hz like previous version.

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