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Notify voicemail owner about new messages.


This application is part of the Mini-Voicemail system, configured in minivm.conf.

MiniVMnotify forwards messages about new voicemail to e-mail and pager. If there's no user account for that address, a temporary account will be used with default options (set in minivm.conf).

If the channel variable MVM_COUNTER is set, this will be used in the message file name and available in the template for the message.

If no template is given, the default email template will be used to send email and default pager template to send paging message (if the user account is configured with a paging address.

  • MVM_NOTIFY_STATUS - This is the status of the notification attempt
    • FAILED


MinivmNotify([email protected],[options])
  • mailbox
    • username - Voicemail username
    • domain - Voicemail domain
  • options
    • template - E-mail template to use for voicemail notification

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