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Receive Mini-Voicemail and forward via e-mail.


This application is part of the Mini-Voicemail system, configured in minivm.conf

MiniVM records audio file in configured format and forwards message to e-mail and pager.

If there's no user account for that address, a temporary account will be used with default options.

The recorded file name and path will be stored in MVM_FILENAME and the duration of the message will be stored in MVM_DURATION



If the caller hangs up after the recording, the only way to send the message and clean up is to execute in the h extension. The application will exit if any of the following DTMF digits are received and the requested extension exist in the current context.

  • MVM_RECORD_STATUS - This is the status of the record operation
    • FAILED


MinivmRecord([email protected],[options])
  • mailbox
    • username - Voicemail username
    • domain - Voicemail domain
  • options
    • 0 - Jump to the o extension in the current dialplan context.
    • * - Jump to the a extension in the current dialplan context.
    • g( gain ) - Use the specified amount of gain when recording the voicemail message. The units are whole-number decibels (dB).
      • gain - Amount of gain to use

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