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Lookup next destination by OSP.


Looks up the next destination via OSP.

Input variables:

  • OSPINHANDLE - The inbound call OSP transaction handle.
  • OSPOUTHANDLE - The outbound call OSP transaction handle.
  • OSPINTIMELIMIT - The inbound call duration limit in seconds.
  • OSPOUTCALLIDTYPES - The outbound Call-ID types.
  • OSPDESTREMAILS - The number of remained destinations.
    Output variables:
  • OSPOUTTECH - The outbound channel technology.
  • OSPDESTINATION - The destination IP address.
  • OSPOUTCALLING - The outbound calling number.
  • OSPOUTCALLED - The outbound called number.
  • OSPOUTNETWORKID - The outbound destination network ID.
  • OSPOUTNPRN - The outbound routing number.
  • OSPOUTNPCIC - The outbound carrier identification code.
  • OSPOUTNPDI - The outbound number portability database dip indicator.
  • OSPOUTSPID - The outbound service provider identity.
  • OSPOUTOCN - The outbound operator company number.
  • OSPOUTSPN - The outbound service provider name.
  • OSPOUTALTSPN - The outbound alternate service provider name.
  • OSPOUTMCC - The outbound mobile country code.
  • OSPOUTMNC - The outbound mobile network code.
  • OSPOUTTOKEN - The outbound OSP token.
  • OSPDESTREMAILS - The number of remained destinations.
  • OSPOUTTIMELIMIT - The outbound call duration limit in seconds.
  • OSPOUTCALLID - The outbound Call-ID. Only for H.323.
  • OSPDIALSTR - The outbound Dial command string.
    This application sets the following channel variable upon completion:
  • OSPNEXTSTATUS - The status of the OSPNext attempt as a text string, one of
    • FAILED
    • ERROR


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