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General or specific querying of NAPTR records for ENUM or ENUM-like DNS pointers.


For more information see doc/AST.pdf.


  • number
  • method-type - If no method-type is given, the default will be sip.
  • options
    • c - Returns an integer count of the number of NAPTRs of a certain RR type.
      Combination of c and Method-type of ALL will return a count of all NAPTRs for the record or -1 on error.
    • u - Returns the full URI and does not strip off the URI-scheme.
    • s - Triggers ISN specific rewriting.
    • i - Looks for branches into an Infrastructure ENUM tree.
    • d - for a direct DNS lookup without any flipping of digits.
  • record# - If no record# is given, defaults to 1.
  • zone-suffix - If no zone-suffix is given, the default will be

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