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Gets IAX peer information.


Gets information associated with the specified IAX2 peer.


  • peername
    • CURRENTCHANNEL - If peername is specified to this value, return the IP address of the endpoint of the current channel
  • item - If peername is specified, valid items are:
    • ip - (default) The IP address.
    • status - The peer's status (if qualify=yes)
    • mailbox - The configured mailbox.
    • context - The configured context.
    • expire - The epoch time of the next expire.
    • dynamic - Is it dynamic? (yes/no).
    • callerid_name - The configured Caller ID name.
    • callerid_num - The configured Caller ID number.
    • codecs - The configured codecs.
    • codecx - Preferred codec index number x (beginning with 0)

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