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Raised in response to a Status command.



Event: Status
[ActionID:] <value>
Channel: <value>
ChannelState: <value>
ChannelStateDesc: <value>
CallerIDNum: <value>
CallerIDName: <value>
ConnectedLineNum: <value>
ConnectedLineName: <value>
Language: <value>
AccountCode: <value>
Context: <value>
Exten: <value>
Priority: <value>
Uniqueid: <value>
Linkedid: <value>
Type: <value>
DNID: <value>
EffectiveConnectedLineNum: <value>
EffectiveConnectedLineName: <value>
TimeToHangup: <value>
BridgeID: <value>
Application: <value>
Data: <value>
Nativeformats: <value>
Readformat: <value>
Readtrans: <value>
Writeformat: <value>
Writetrans: <value>
Callgroup: <value>
Pickupgroup: <value>
Seconds: <value>
  • ActionID
  • Channel
  • ChannelState - A numeric code for the channel's current state, related to ChannelStateDesc
  • ChannelStateDesc
    • Down
    • Rsrvd
    • OffHook
    • Dialing
    • Ring
    • Ringing
    • Up
    • Busy
    • Dialing Offhook
    • Pre-ring
    • Unknown
  • CallerIDNum
  • CallerIDName
  • ConnectedLineNum
  • ConnectedLineName
  • Language
  • AccountCode
  • Context
  • Exten
  • Priority
  • Uniqueid
  • Linkedid - Uniqueid of the oldest channel associated with this channel.
  • Type - Type of channel
  • DNID - Dialed number identifier
  • EffectiveConnectedLineNum
  • EffectiveConnectedLineName
  • TimeToHangup - Absolute lifetime of the channel
  • BridgeID - Identifier of the bridge the channel is in, may be empty if not in one
  • Application - Application currently executing on the channel
  • Data - Data given to the currently executing channel
  • Nativeformats - Media formats the connected party is willing to send or receive
  • Readformat - Media formats that frames from the channel are received in
  • Readtrans - Translation path for media received in native formats
  • Writeformat - Media formats that frames to the channel are accepted in
  • Writetrans - Translation path for media sent to the connected party
  • Callgroup - Configured call group on the channel
  • Pickupgroup - Configured pickup group on the channel
  • Seconds - Number of seconds the channel has been active



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