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The Asterisk Calendaring API is provided by the res_calendar module. It aims to be a generic interface for integrating Asterisk with various calendaring technologies. The goal is to be able to support reading and writing of calendar events as well as allowing notification of pending events through the Asterisk dialplan.

There are four calendaring modules that ship with Asterisk that provide support for the following calendaring servers.

Calendar Server SupportModule Name
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft Exchange
Web Services

All four modules support event notification. Both CalDAV and Exchange support reading and writing calendars, while iCalendar is a read-only format.

You can see list all registered calendar types at the CLI with "calendar show types".

*CLI> calendar show types
Type       Description
caldav     CalDAV calendars
exchange   MS Exchange calendars
ews        MS Exchange Web Service calend
ical       iCalendar .ics calendars
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