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  1. Hi,


    A simple question that I need answered and can't find the answer to:

    Can I setup (install, configure and use) asteisk and related software (freepbx, dahdi, etc) ALONGSIDE IspConfig3 and Horde Groupware webmail, and some wordpress sites and drupal sites all located in /var/www/ ? (and still have horde working and reachable, and still be able to reach the websites, and loginto IspConfig3, etc)?


    Or does the server need to be dedicated to asterisk?


    This is on a debian wheezy (7) dedicated server.


    Thank you, and please mention this somewhere in the documentation - preferably at the top!



    1. Deployment considerations are going to be dependent on many factors that cannot be assumed on the wiki. What's more, the Asterisk wiki isn't really suitable for Q&A. This type of question is more appropriate for the asterisk-users mailing list, the #asterisk IRC channel, or the Asterisk forums.