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Digium Developer Conference Bridge:

Bridge:  15071

PIN:  35806

Proposed Agenda:

Welcome & Announcements:  Bryan Johns / Russell Bryant / Leif Madsen

  • Introduction of Digium participants
  • Overview of developer call format and future sessions

Old Business:  None. Inaugural call.

New Business:

  • Overview of current 1.10 planned features and development status
  • Overview of David Vossel's media-specific contribution efforts and associated updates

Open Floor


  1. Russell Bryant delivers an update on Asterisk 1.10 development roadmap
  2. Discussion of major overhaul of media handling (defer details to David Vossel overview)
  3. Fax handling improvements explanation.  Adding T.38 gateway support
  4. David Vossel overview of new media handling architecture - Review of proposal from the wiki
  5. David Vossel and Russell Bryant give an overview of the bamboo test suite and its contribution to undertake larger projects
  6. Suggestion made to solicit new business items from attendees each week for following week's call
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