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This page contains exported documentation from the Asterisk wiki. The contents of these files are shipped with the Asterisk source code, and contains no changes (only a subset) of the documentation available on the Asterisk wiki (

Documentation Exports


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  1. Initially I was searching for .pdf versions of Asterisk 11 documentation under the Asterisk 11 documentation tree. Perhaps a link to this page in the other Asterisk trees would be helpful for other (new) users.

    Furthermore, the link to the Asterisk 11 Reference Guide points to the incorrect file (The Reference Guide of Asterisk version 1.8 instead).

    I'm not sure if it is intended, but the Admin Guides of Asterisk versions 1.8, 11 and 12 are linked to the same file. The only Admin Guide that is version specific is the Admin Guide of Asterisk version 10. 

  2. The html hyperlink for resolves to the v1.8 reference document (borked link intentionally retained for demonstrative purposes only).

    However, if one copies and pastes the text into the address bar, the Asterisk-11-Reference is indeed there and downloads.

    Also, I stumbled across this page by accident, which includes a links to a downloadable .pdf, an online html version, and to the publisher for securing a printed copy of a guide with updates and content specific to Asterisk 11, I believe.