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Discussion items

10:15-11State of Asterisk TalkMatthew Fredrickson
11-11:45Asterisk 18 - Codec Work

George Joseph

Link to presentation: AstriDevCon 2020 Advanced Codec Negotiation.pdf
1:15Start building detailed agenda 



Afternoon topics:

  • Outbound ARI discussion (websocket initiates from Asterisk rather from external agent)
  • Are there ways to improve bug reports on the public issue tracker?
    • PCAPs
    • Core dumps
    • sipp scenario files
    • Maybe adding a bounty flag on the tracker so that people could figure out which ones have bounties attached.
  • What happened to the bridge created event in ARI (not showing up until first channel is added)?
  • Is there additional information that needs to be added to certain debug/error/warning messages to better understand the original source of error?
    • Consistent identifying attributes on log messages (IAX, chan_sip) - owner information, callId/reference.
    • Add log message per channel driver linking channel_id and channel_name and protocol specific callId/callref
    • Would helper functions help enforce this?
  • Group photo (smile)
  • Discussion around challenges supporting queue strategy changes for dynamic environments
  • Adapting codec quality to the network (potentially using RTCP feedback or native means)
    • Feedback to sender to alter sending
    • Handled in codec module (callback exists to provide RTCP information so codec module can adjust)
    • End to end sequence number preservation exists now to help determine gaps for codec implementations
  • Improved RTCP stats logging
    • Ability to disable RTCP messages in AMI
    • Would be nice to get RTCP stats in stasisend event (due to not having access in ARI after stasis end)
    • Ability to add to CDR log or CEL event log would be neat.  Perhaps using custom CDR log.
    • Better documentation and easier to find
    • Do access to things work in hangup handlers?
  • Are there challenges that people have with provisioning fleets of Asterisk instances in the cloud?  (missing provisioning APIs, logging interfaces, ...)?
    • Nice to have a solid ARI version of app_voicemail that works well across multiple instances (all playing together well with recordings, metadata, etc)
    • Challenges with the way files are stored with app_voicemail across multiple instances of Asterisk and shared file stores.
    • It would be nice to record files and send them to another server directly from Asterisk (maybe using remote FTP/HTTP storage or something of that nature).  We can already playback remotely, why not recording as well?
  • What would be interesting to see next?
    • Blind transfer across Asterisk instances
    • Media failover (between Asterisk instances when one fails or for draining of calls from one misbehaving instance to another).
    • PauseRecording/UnPauseRecording support in mixmonitor is missing - recommended workaround is to use mixmonitor stop and then mixmonitor append.
    • Better handling of RTP header extensions in Asterisk. (passthrough or processing of radio related header, potentially also for webrtc and other header extensions)
    • Optimistic encryption support when using DTLS with chan_pjsip