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The asterisk-gui sets up extensions, SIP/IAX2 peers, and a host of other settings. User-specific settings are stored in users.conf. If the asterisk-gui is not being used, manual entries to users.conf can be made.

The [general] section

There are only two settings in the general section of users.conf that apply to phone provisioning: localextenlength which maps to template variable EXTENSION_LENGTH and vmexten which maps to the VOICEMAIL_EXTEN variable.

Individual Users

To enable auto-provisioning of a phone, the user in users.conf needs to have:

The profile is optional if a default_profile is set in phoneprov.conf. The following is a sample users.conf entry, with the template variables commented next to the settings:

The variables above, are the user-specfic variables that can be substituted into dynamic filenames and config templates.

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