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Note about chan_pjsip


PJSIP is the Standard SIP Driver



It is not recommended for new installations to use chan_sip.

  • chan_sip has been officially removed in Asterisk 21 – Releasing 2023
  • chan_sip was deprecated in Asterisk 17 – Released: October 2019
  • Beginning with Asterisk 13.8.0, a stable version of pjproject is included in Asterisk's ./third-party directory and is enabled with the --with-pjproject-bundled option to ./configure.
  • Beginning with Asterisk 15.0.0, it is enabled by default but can be disabled with the --without-pjproject-bundled option to ./configure.


See: PJSIP-pjproject

See:  Configuring res_pjsip

See: Migrating from chan_sip to res_pjsip


Configuring chan_sip

There is documentation that resides in the sip.conf.sample file included with the source.


* Please be advised that limited support will be available on the mailing list, IRC, and bug tracker for issues with chan_sip

* Further development and bug fixes for chan_sip are not likely


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