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There are two utilities you can build to help debug the $[ ] in your extensions.conf file.

The first, and most simplistic, is to issue the command:

in the top level asterisk source directory. This will build a small executable, that is able to take the first command line argument, and run it thru the expression parser. No variable substitutions will be performed. It might be safest to wrap the expression in single quotes...

is an example.

And, in the utils directory, you can say:

and a small program will be built, that will check the file mentioned in the first command line argument, for any expressions that might be have problems when you move to flex-2.5.31. It was originally designed to help spot possible incompatibilities when moving from the pre-2.5.31 world to the upgraded version of the lexer.

But one more capability has been added to check_expr, that might make it more generally useful. It now does a simple minded evaluation of all variables, and then passes the $[] exprs to the parser. If there are any parse errors, they will be reported in the log file. You can use check_expr to do a quick sanity check of the expressions in your extensions.conf file, to see if they pass a crude syntax check.

The "simple-minded" variable substitution replaces ${varname} variable references with '555'. You can override the 555 for variable values, by entering in var=val arguments after the filename on the command line. So...

will substitute any ${CALLERID(num)} variable references with 3075551212, any ${DIALSTATUS} variable references with 'TORTURE', and any ${EXTEN} references with '121'. If there is any fancy stuff going on in the reference, like ${EXTEN:2}, then the override will not work. Everything in the ${...} has to match. So, to substitute ${EXTEN:2} references, you'd best say:

on stdout, you will see something like:

OK – $[ "${DIALSTATUS}" = "TORTURE" | "${DIALSTATUS}" = "DONTCALL" ] at line 416

In the expr2_log file that is generated, you will see:

line 416, evaluation of $[ "TORTURE" = "TORTURE" | "TORTURE" = "DONTCALL" ] result: 1

check_expr is a very simplistic algorithm, and it is far from being guaranteed to work in all cases, but it is hoped that it will be useful.

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