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Syntax errors are now output with 3 lines.

If the extensions.conf file contains a line like:

You may see an error in /var/log/asterisk/messages like this:

Jul 15 21:27:49 WARNING[1251240752]: ast_yyerror(): syntax error: parse error, unexpected TOK_AND, expecting TOK_M
INUS or TOK_LP or TOKEN; Input:
 "3072312154" = "3071234567" & & "Steves Extension" : "Privacy Manager"

The log line tells you that a syntax error was encountered. It now also tells you (in grand standard bison format) that it hit an "AND" (&) token unexpectedly, and that was hoping for for a MINUS , LP (left parenthesis), or a plain token (a string or number).

The next line shows the evaluated expression, and the line after that, the position of the parser in the expression when it became confused, marked with the "" character.

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