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Gets or sets Caller*ID presentation on the channel.


Gets or sets Caller*ID presentation on the channel. This function is deprecated in favor of CALLERID(num-pres) and CALLERID(name-pres). The following values are valid:

  • allowed_not_screened - Presentation Allowed, Not Screened.
  • allowed_passed_screen - Presentation Allowed, Passed Screen.
  • allowed_failed_screen - Presentation Allowed, Failed Screen.
  • allowed - Presentation Allowed, Network Number.
  • prohib_not_screened - Presentation Prohibited, Not Screened.
  • prohib_passed_screen - Presentation Prohibited, Passed Screen.
  • prohib_failed_screen - Presentation Prohibited, Failed Screen.
  • prohib - Presentation Prohibited, Network Number.
  • unavailable - Number Unavailable.



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  1. Unfortunately, CALLERPRES() do nothing with Queues.

    IMHO, it's a very important feature to not mess up the CDR by change the CALLERID(num), hiding this to the agent.

    1. Sorry?

      Meaning that calls whose presentation is blocked are not properly changed in presentation value if the call is passed to a Queue, but are set properly if passed directly to a SIP phone?

  2. Yep.
    You can do a simple test (asterisk

    exten => 775,1,Set(CALLERPRES()=unavailable)
    exten => 775,n,Dial(SIP/1000)

    exten => 776,1,Set(CALLERPRES()=unavailable)
    exten => 776,n,Queue(test)

    Queue 'test' have SIP/1000 as a static member.

    This patch:
    is trying to resolve this, but in my test the call presentation isn't allways blocked.

    1. Anyone else out there needing to make use of this functionality? There's not a lot of commentary on the issue tracker or on the mailing lists that I see about it.

      1. Malcom,

        We have a lot of customers with agents that answers both external inbound calls
        and internal extensions calls.
        They use X-Lite and need not to know what is the name/number of the external call(avoiding the chance of agent 'forget'
        to answer the 'boring' clients), but they need to know who is calling internally.
        In this scenarios, we have a 'ringall' strategy in queue.
        If there was a method to disable call presentation as a whole, the problem would be minimized by turn on
        the call press before a Dial application.

        Today, we change the CID name and number but this mess up the CDR and queue log.

        1. Okay, it's in the queue, but it's currently unscheduled - we haven't been able to put anyone on addressing it yet.