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Return Queue information in variables.


Makes the following queue variables available.

Returns 0 if queue is found and setqueuevar is defined, -1 otherwise.


  • queuename
    • QUEUEMAX - Maxmimum number of calls allowed.
    • QUEUESTRATEGY - The strategy of the queue.
    • QUEUECALLS - Number of calls currently in the queue.
    • QUEUEHOLDTIME - Current average hold time.
    • QUEUECOMPLETED - Number of completed calls for the queue.
    • QUEUEABANDONED - Number of abandoned calls.
    • QUEUESRVLEVEL - Queue service level.
    • QUEUESRVLEVELPERF - Current service level performance.

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  1. can you please, light my problem with this function:

    i had been set QueueMax variable in configuration files, and know in dialplan wana check it some wheres... by the way do the fallowing:


    exten => support-provinces,n,Set(err=${QUEUE_VARIABLES(support-provinces)})
    exten => support-provinces,n,Noop(rtncode was ${err}, QueueMax was:${QUEUEMAX}


    and the result is:
    – Executing [email protected]:5 Set("OOH323/AS5300-10539", "err=-1") in new stack
    – Executing [email protected]:6 NoOp("OOH323/AS5300-10539", "rtncode was -1, QueueMax was:") in new stack

    CallCenter*CLI> queue show support-provinces
    support-provinces has 0 calls (max 10) in 'leastrecent' strategy (0s holdtime, 0s talktime), W:0, C:0, A:0, SL:0.0% within 120s
    No Members
    No Callers

    1. Make sure setqueuevar is turned on in queues.conf inside each queue definition for any queues you want to get information on.

      1. thanks...
        that was the reason!
        definition per queue.

  2. is there performance penalty when setqueuevar is used?