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For an FAQ about the joining together of Sangoma and Digium, please see Sangoma and Digium Join Together FAQ


This is the home of the official wiki for The Asterisk Project.

This is not the first wiki that has existed for Asterisk, but there are some significant things that are different about this wiki than others. The most significant difference is that this wiki was created to be the official source of documentation for the Asterisk project, maintained by the same development team that manages the code itself. That means that we are committed to the content being correct and up to date. To make that happen, editing the content is not open to the general public. However, all Asterisk users are encouraged to participate by leaving comments on pages.

If you are an Asterisk expert and would like to get involved with the development and maintenance of content for the Asterisk wiki, contact Malcolm Davenport - [email protected]

Thank you very much for your continued support of Asterisk!

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