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Since the primary storage mechanism is IMAP, all message information that was previously stored in an associated text file, AND the recording itself, is now stored in a single email message. This means that the .gsm recording will ALWAYS be attached to the message (along with the user's preference of recording format if different - ie. .WAV). The voicemail message information is stored in the email message headers. These headers include:

  • X-Asterisk-VM-Message-Num
  • X-Asterisk-VM-Server-Name
  • X-Asterisk-VM-Context
  • X-Asterisk-VM-Extension
  • X-Asterisk-VM-Priority
  • X-Asterisk-VM-Caller-channel
  • X-Asterisk-VM-Caller-ID-Num
  • X-Asterisk-VM-Caller-ID-Name
  • X-Asterisk-VM-Duration
  • X-Asterisk-VM-Category
  • X-Asterisk-VM-Orig-date
  • X-Asterisk-VM-Orig-time
  • X-Asterisk-VM-Message-ID

Upgrade Notice


The X-Asterisk-VM-Message-ID header is new in Asterisk 11. Existing voicemail messages from older versions of Asterisk will have this header added to the message when the messages are manipulated by app_voicemail in Asterisk 11.

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