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Now that you have Asterisk compiled and installed, the last step is to install the initialization script, or initscript. This script starts Asterisk when your server starts, will monitor the Asterisk process in case anything bad happens to it, and can be used to stop or restart Asterisk as well. To install the initscript, use the make config command.

[[email protected] asterisk-14.X.Y]# make config

As your Asterisk system runs, it will generate logfiles. It is recommended to install the logrotation script in order to compress and rotate those files, to save disk space and to make searching them or cataloguing them easier. To do this, use the make install-logrotate command.

[[email protected] asterisk-14.X.Y]# make install-logrotate
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  1. Hi, 

    I`m trying to install Asterisk on OpenSuse 15.1 and getting an error here 


    linux-hcga:~/asterisk-17.3.0> sudo make config
    We could not install init scripts for your distribution.

    how can I do it manually ?