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Asterisk's micro HTTP server is not designed to replace a general purpose web server and it is intentionally created to provide only the minimal interfaces required. Even without the addition of an external web server, one can use Asterisk's interfaces to implement screen pops and similar tools pulling data from other web servers using iframes, div's etc. If you want to integrate CGI's, databases, PHP, etc. you will likely need to use a more traditional web server like Apache and link in your Asterisk micro HTTP server with something like this:

ProxyPass /asterisk http://localhost:8088/asterisk

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  1. Apache2 Example

    1. Set prefix in the Asterisk http.conf
      • prefix = asterisk-prefix
    2. Enable Apache Modules: a2enmod proxy proxy_http
    3. Configure:
      • mods-enabled/proxy.conf
      • Set Allow / Deny Networks
    4. Add ProxyPass /asterisk-prefix http://localhost:8088/asterisk-prefix
    5. Restart Apache2