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I have developed an elaborate script to torture Telemarketers, and entertain friends.

While mostly those that call in and traverse my teletorture scripts are those we know, and are doing so out of curiosity, there have been these others from Jan 1st,2004 thru June 1st, 2004: (the numbers may or may not be correct.)

  • 603890zzzz - hung up telemarket options.
  • "Integrated Sale" - called a couple times. hung up in telemarket options
  • "UNITED STATES GOV" - maybe a military recruiter, trying to lure one of my sons.
  • 800349zzzz - hung up in charity intro
  • 800349zzzz - hung up in charity choices, intro, about the only one who actually travelled to the bitter bottom of the scripts!
  • 216377zzzz - hung up the magazine section
  • 626757zzzz = "LIR " (pronounced "Liar"?) hung up in telemarket intro, then choices
  • 757821zzzz - hung up in new magazine subscription options.

That averages out to maybe 1 a month. That puts into question whether the ratio of the amount of labor it took to make the scripts versus the benefits of lower call volumes was worth it, but, well, I had fun, so what the heck.

But, that's about it. Not a whole lot. But I haven't had to say "NO" or "GO AWAY" to any of these folks for about a year now ...!

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