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If Asterisk is crashing due to potential memory corruption then head to the Getting a Backtrace (Asterisk versions < 13.14.0 and 14.3.0) page.

If Asterisk developers suspect that you have a memory leak then you will be asked to follow the instructions below.


Follow the instructions here and all linked instructions closely to speed up the debugging process.


  1. Verify the Description field of your issue report contains details about the environment in which the issue occurs.
    1. Basic information - Linux environment, Asterisk version, modifications in use, third-party modules, etc.
    2. Information about the call flow - What channel driver is in use? What dialplan do the calls execute? Attach specific configuration details and examples if possible.
  2. You should attach logger output showing general Asterisk activity during the problem.
    1. Collecting Debug Information
  3. You should attach output generated (mmlog file) utilizing the MALLOC_DEBUG compiler flag.
    1. MALLOC_DEBUG Compiler Flag

All debug should be attached using ( More > Attach Files ) on the JIRA issue report.

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