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chan_mobile deals with both bluetooth adapters and bluetooth devices. This means you need to tell chan_mobile about the bluetooth adapters installed in your server as well as the devices (phones / headsets) you wish to use.

chan_mobile currently only allows one device (phone or headset) to be connected to an adapter at a time. This means you need one adapter for each device you wish to use simultaneously. Much effort has gone into trying to make multiple devices per adapter work, but in short it doesnt.

Periodically chan_mobile looks at each configured adapter, and if it is not in use (i.e. no device connected) will initiate a search for devices configured to use this adapater that may be in range. If it finds one it will connect the device and it will be available for Asterisk to use. When the device goes out of range, chan_mobile will disconnect the device and the adapter will become available for other devices.

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