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  • Multiple Bluetooth Adapters supported.
  • Multiple phones can be connected.
  • Multiple headsets can be connected.
  • Asterisk automatically connects to each configured mobile phone / headset when it comes in range.
  • CLI command to discover bluetooth devices.
  • Inbound calls on the mobile network to the mobile phones are handled by Asterisk, just like inbound calls on a Zap channel.
  • CLI passed through on inbound calls.
  • Dial outbound on a mobile phone using Dial(Mobile/device/nnnnnnn) in the dialplan.
  • Dial a headset using Dial(Mobile/device) in the dialplan.
  • Application MobileStatus can be used in the dialplan to see if a mobile phone / headset is connected.
  • Supports devicestate for dialplan hinting.
  • Supports Inbound and Outbound SMS.
  • Supports 'channel' groups for implementing 'GSM Gateways'
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