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This is a list pulled on page load from the issue tracker. It shows open features and improvements submitted by the Asterisk community. It's a good place to start if you want to begin reviewing and testing new code as opposed to bug fixes.

JIRA filter used for this list:

project = ASTERISK AND 
issuetype in (Improvement, "New Feature") AND status in (Open, Reopened,
 Triage) AND NOT reporter in (membersOf("digium")) ORDER BY created DESC



Community Reported Features and Improvements in Open Status (145 issues)

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due
Improvement ASTERISK-28668 aymmetric_rtp_codec dialplan function Salah Ahmed Salah Ahmed Minor Open Unresolved Dec 20, 2019 Dec 20, 2019
Improvement ASTERISK-28656 improve pjproject.conf sample configuration Unassigned Marek Cervenka Trivial Open Unresolved Dec 12, 2019 Dec 12, 2019
New Feature ASTERISK-28491 Allow in and out file descriptors to be used in AGI - Create XAGI Dan Jenkins Dan Jenkins Minor Open Unresolved Jul 31, 2019 Aug 02, 2019
Improvement ASTERISK-28339 Added ARI resource /ari/channels/{channelid}/dump sungtae kim sungtae kim Minor Open Unresolved Mar 16, 2019 Mar 18, 2019
Improvement ASTERISK-28078 pjsip: Missing support for TLS CRL Unassigned Giuseppe Ravasio Major Open Unresolved Sep 27, 2018 Sep 27, 2018
Improvement ASTERISK-27946 dial (API): Storage of dialed target uses AST_MAX_EXTENSION when it shouldn't Unassigned Joshua Elson Minor Open Unresolved Jun 27, 2018 Jul 17, 2018
New Feature ASTERISK-27834 PJSIP - Implement SIP_CODEC_INBOUND Unassigned Niklas Larsson Minor Open Unresolved May 03, 2018 May 07, 2018
Improvement ASTERISK-27828 Add Reason to QueueCallerAbandon Fernando Rossato Fernando Rossato Major Open Unresolved Apr 25, 2018 Apr 27, 2018
Improvement ASTERISK-27613 News & Security Advisories RSS Feeds Unassigned INVADE International Ltd. Minor Open Unresolved Jan 23, 2018 Jan 23, 2018
Improvement ASTERISK-27499 Make build of Asterisk reproducible, if so required Unassigned Tzafrir Cohen Minor Open Unresolved Dec 20, 2017 Dec 20, 2017
Improvement ASTERISK-27309 Feature Parity with chan_sip Unassigned Sean Bright Critical Open Unresolved Oct 04, 2017 Jul 30, 2019
Improvement ASTERISK-27044 Documentation: Indicate that dialtone_detect and waitfordialtone are influenced by progzone option. Unassigned Henry Moffett Trivial Open Unresolved Jun 08, 2017 Jun 08, 2017
Improvement ASTERISK-26934 res_pjsip_sdp_rtp: RTP instance does not use same IP as explicit transport (unspecified transport) Unassigned Bernhard Schmidt Major Open Unresolved Apr 10, 2017 Apr 13, 2017
New Feature ASTERISK-26751 Applications: JSON - New app to parse JSON into dialplan variables Unassigned Sebastian Gutierrez Minor Open Unresolved Jan 25, 2017 Jan 25, 2017
New Feature ASTERISK-26750 Applications: XML - New application to parse XML Strings. Unassigned Sebastian Gutierrez Minor Open Unresolved Jan 25, 2017 Jan 25, 2017
Improvement ASTERISK-26627 func_global: Provide better documentation for usage of SHARED Unassigned Jonathan Harris Minor Open Unresolved Nov 27, 2016 Nov 28, 2016
Improvement ASTERISK-26607 res_ari_playback: allow chararacters URI scheme to be controllable Unassigned Mark Ingles Minor Open Unresolved Nov 16, 2016 Sep 13, 2017
Improvement ASTERISK-26597 func_pjsip_contact: PJSIP_CONTACT function references MD5ed AOR contact Unassigned sharan h Minor Open Unresolved Nov 14, 2016 Nov 15, 2016
Improvement ASTERISK-26560 sounds: en_GB core and extra sounds anomalies. Unassigned Jonathan Harris Minor Open Unresolved Nov 06, 2016 Nov 17, 2016
Improvement ASTERISK-26471 func_strings: Better documentation for REGEX Function, and minor text fixes Unassigned xrobau Trivial Open Unresolved Oct 16, 2016 Oct 19, 2016
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