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Make sure that manager.conf has:

and that http.conf has:

With phoneprov.conf and users.conf in place, start Asterisk. From the CLI, type "http show status". An example output:

HTTP Server Status: 
Prefix: /asterisk 
Server Enabled and Bound to 

Enabled URI's:
/asterisk/httpstatus => Asterisk HTTP General Status
/asterisk/phoneprov/... => Asterisk HTTP Phone Provisioning Tool
/asterisk/manager => HTML Manager Event Interface 
/asterisk/rawman => Raw HTTP Manager Event Interface 
/asterisk/static/... => Asterisk HTTP Static Delivery 
/asterisk/mxml => XML Manager Event Interface 
Enabled Redirects: 
POST mappings:

There should be a phoneprov URI listed. Next, from the CLI, type "phoneprov show routes" and verify that the information there is correct. An example output for Polycom phones woud look like:

Static routes

Relative URI Physical location
sip.ver configs/sip.ver
sip.ld configs/sip.ld
bootrom.ver configs/bootrom.ver
sip.cfg configs/sip.cfg
bootrom.ld configs/bootrom.ld
custom.cfg configs/custom.cfg
Dynamic routes
Relative URI Template
deadbeef4dad.cfg 000000000000.cfg
config/deadbeef4dad polycom.xml

With the above examples, the phones would be pointed to:

for pulling config files.

Templates would all be placed in AST_DATA_DIR/phoneprov and static files would be placed in AST_DATA_DIR/phoneprov/configs. Examples of valid URIs would be:

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  1. I made a complete demonstration for the res_phoneprov on the that may be a good demonstration of how things work. It will also show users of phones like the snom series about building complex config files for single file provisioning.

    1. Drop that demonstration into your personal space here on the Wiki and ping Leif, Russell or myself and we'll get it moved into the mainline content - we'll have something going in the future to make this easier. (big grin)

      1. Cool, I (we cjacobsen) have hacked up some more stuff like this so I will get it all in order on the ticket too.

          1. Added as an attachment the user list.html file. I think it will take me some time to learn how to use Confluence. I have a history with mediawiki.

            1. Very low learning curve for Confluence. Ping us on IRC if you run into any trouble.

  2. I read on a post dated Aug 31, 2010, " that res_phoneprov is currently limited to provisioning a single user per device." 

    Is this still the case? If no, is there a way I can provision multiple users to one device or provision multiple devices to a user?

    Thank you.