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Configuration templates are a generic way to configure phones with text-based configuration files. Templates can use any loaded dialplan function and all of the variables created by phoneprov.conf and users.conf. A short example is the included 000000000000.cfg Polycom template:

This template uses dialplan functions, expressions, and a couple of variables to generate a config file to instruct the Polycom where to pull other needed config files. If a phone with MAC address 0xDEADBEEF4DAD requests this config file, and the filename that is stored in variable CUSTOM_CONFIG does not exist, then the generated output would be:

The Polycom phone would then download both sip.cfg (which would be registered in phoneprov.conf as a static file) and config/deadbeef4dad (which would be registered as a dynamic file pointing to another template, polycom.xml).

res_phoneprov also registers its own dialplan function: PP_EACH_USER. This function was designed to be able to print out a particular string for each user that res_phoneprov knows about. An example use of this function is the template for a Polycom contact directory:

PP_EACH_USER takes two arguments. The first is the string to be printed for each user. Any variables that are to be substituted need to be in the format %{VARNAME} so that Asterisk doesn't try to substitute the variable immediately before it is passed to PP_EACH_USER. The second, optional, argument is a MAC address to exclude from the list iterated over (so, in this case, a phone won't be listed in its own contact directory).

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  2. Examples for some advanced usage.

    Advanced Usage