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The SLA implementation can automatically generate the dialplan necessary for basic operation if the "autocontext" option is set for trunks and stations in sla.conf. However, for reference, here is an automatically generated dialplan to help with custom building of the dialplan to include other features, such as voicemail.

However, note that there is a little bit of additional configuration needed if the trunk is an IP channel. This is discussed in the section on Trunks.

There are extensions for incoming calls on a specific trunk, which execute the SLATrunk application, as well as incoming calls from a station, which execute SLAStation. Note that there are multiple extensions for incoming calls from a station. This is because the SLA system has to know whether the phone just went off hook, or if the user pressed a specific line button.

Also note that there is a hint for every line on every station. This lets the SLA system control each individual light on every phone to ensure that it shows the correct state of the line. The phones must subscribe to the state of each of their line appearances.
Please refer to the examples section for full dialplan samples for SLA.

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