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An SLA station is a mapping between a virtual station and a real Asterisk device. Currently, the only channel driver that has all of the features necessary to support an SLA environment is chan_sip. So, to configure a SIP phone to use as a station, you must configure sla.conf and sip.conf.

Here are some hints on configuring a SIP phone for use with SLA:

  • Add the SIP channel as a station in sla.conf.
  • Configure the phone in sip.conf. If automatic dialplan configuration was used by enabling the "autocontext" option in sla.conf, then this entry in sip.conf should have the same context setting.
  • On the phone itself, there are various things that must be configured to make everything work correctly. Let's say this phone is called "station1" in sla.conf, and it uses trunks named "line1" and line2".
    • Two line buttons must be configured to subscribe to the state of the following extensions: - station1_line1 - station1_line2
    • The line appearance buttons should be configured to dial the extensions that they are subscribed to when they are pressed.
    • If you would like the phone to automatically connect to a trunk when it is taken off hook, then the phone should be automatically configured to dial "station1" when it is taken off hook.
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