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Philosophical Side Note

The 'P' option stores the CALLERID in the database, along with the callee's choice of actions, as a convenience to the CALLEE, whereas introductions are stored and re-used for the convenience of the CALLER.


Unless instructed to not save introductions (see the 'n' option above), the screening modes will save the recordings of the caller's names in the directory /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/priv-callerintros, if they have a CallerID. Just the 10-digit callerid numbers are used as filenames, with a ".gsm" at the end.

Having these recordings around can be very useful, however...

First of all, if a callerid is supplied, and a recorded intro for that number is already present, the caller is spared the inconvenience of having to supply their name, which shortens their call a bit.

Next of all, these intros can be used in voicemail, played over loudspeakers, and perhaps other nifty things. For instance:

When a call comes in at the house, the above priority gets executed, and the callers intro is played over the phone systems speakers. This gives us a hint who is calling.

(Note: the ,0 option at the end of the System command above, is a local mod I made to the System command. It forces a 0 result code to be returned, whether the play command successfully completed or not. Therefore, I don't have to ensure that the file exists or not. While I've turned this mod into the developers, it hasn't been incorporated yet. You might want to write an AGI or shell script to handle it a little more intelligently)

And one other thing. You can easily supply your callers with an option to listen to, and re-record their introductions. Here's what I did in the home system's extensions.conf. (assume that a Goto(home-introduction,s,1) exists somewhere in your main menu as an option):

In the above, you'd most likely reword the messages to your liking, and maybe do more advanced things with the 'error' conditions (i,o,t priorities), but I hope it conveys the idea.

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