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Using Swagger-UI

The REST API that makes up ARI is documented using Swagger, a lightweight specification for documenting RESTful API's. The Swagger API docs are used to generate validations and boilerplate in Asterisk itself, along with static wiki documentation, and interactive documentation using Swagger-UI.

Swagger-UI is a pure HTML+JavaScript application which can download Swagger api-docs, and generate an interactive web page which allows you to view resources, their operations, and submit API requests directly from the documentation. A fork of Swagger-UI is hosted on, which enables DELETE operations (which are disabled by default in Swagger-UI), and sets the default URL to what it would be running Asterisk on your local system.

In order to access ARI, you have to populate the api_key field with a username:password configured in ari.conf. You should also set allowed_origins in ari.conf to allow the site hosting Swagger-UI to access ARI.



Swagger-UI Screenshot

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