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If you're having certain types of crashes, such as those associated with memory corruption, a bug marshal may ask you to run Asterisk under Valgrind. You should follow these steps, to give the bug marshal the maximum amount of information about the crash.


Do not compile Asterisk with the MALLOC_DEBUG flag as it will compete with Valgrind to the detriment of both tools. If this is enabled, the Valgrind finding would be invalid.

  1. Run 'make menuselect' and in the Compiler Options, enable DONT_OPTIMIZE. A bug marshal may also ask you to enable additional compiler flags depending upon the nature of the issue.
  2. Rebuild and install Asterisk.
  3. Run Asterisk as follows, where /usr/src/asterisk/ is location of asterisk source code.

  4. Reproduce the issue. Following the manifestation of the issue (or when the process crashes), upload the valgrind.txt to the issue tracker.

Please note that even if Valgrind prevents Asterisk from crashing, the information logged may STILL be of use to developers, so please upload the resulting log file whether Asterisk crashes or not.

Valgrind hosing your system? Try MALLOC_DEBUG.


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