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  • ${VM_CATEGORY} - Sets voicemail category
  • ${VM_NAME} * - Full name in voicemail
  • ${VM_DUR} * - Voicemail duration
  • ${VM_MSGNUM} * - Number of voicemail message in mailbox
  • ${VM_CALLERID} * - Voicemail Caller ID (Person leaving vm)
  • ${VM_CIDNAME} * - Voicemail Caller ID Name
  • ${VM_CIDNUM} * - Voicemail Caller ID Number
  • ${VM_DATE} * - Voicemail Date
  • ${VM_MESSAGEFILE} * - Path to message left by caller
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  1. how can I use a custom variable in voice mail body (notification).
    as an example I have a variable named myvar which is defining in dialplan some where before VoiceMail application. how can i include the variable (myvar) in the Email message body?

    1. There was a discussion about this here:

      The short of it, is that you can't really do that. It'd be a new feature.