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  • ${ANI2} * - The ANI2 Code provided by the network on the incoming call. (ie, Code 29 identifies call as a Prison/Inmate Call)
  • ${CALLTYPE} * - Type of call (Speech, Digital, etc)
  • ${CALLEDTON} * - Type of number for incoming PRI extension i.e. 0=unknown, 1=international, 2=domestic, 3=net_specific, 4=subscriber, 6=abbreviated, 7=reserved
  • ${CALLINGSUBADDR} * - Caller's PRI Subaddress
  • ${FAXEXTEN} * - The extension called before being redirected to "fax"
  • ${PRIREDIRECTREASON} * - Reason for redirect, if a call was directed
  • ${SMDI_VM_TYPE} * - When an call is received with an SMDI message, the 'type' of message 'b' or 'u'
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